Frequently Asked Questions

What is AuthorsAloud?

This is an independent library of short, recorded audio readings by Canadian authors of literary fiction and poetry. It started in 2006 and exists as a resource with two goals in mind. First, it's here to give readers — you — an opportunity to hear the work of a favourite writer, read the way the writer intended, and a chance to discover new favourites along the way. Second, it aims to give this country's many acclaimed authors of fiction and poetry another way to meet you, one that doesn't involve being retailer- or media-approved. Retailers and the media are vital, no doubt, but their agendas are not always in sync with those of a rich and eclectic literary community. The authors you'll find here have all had books published by recognized Canadian publishing houses. They're accomplished talents, and they believe in the power of literature. And since you've come here, you must be a believer too. So click around and hear what's here. And keep coming back, because new readings are being added all the time.

Who is behind AuthorsAloud

My name is Trevor Cole. I'm a Canadian author and journalist who worked for about fifteen years as a magazine editor, putting together projects like this, but in print. Before that I spent a few years in radio, so you see how it all ties together. I started AuthorsAloud because I have a love of literary fiction and a desire to see our written arts flourish, our writers succeed, and our readers revel in abundance.

I'm a reader. How can I be involved?

There are a couple of ways. First, support the author readings in your area. It's very encouraging to a writer to see friendly faces in the audience when he reads from something he or she slaved over for years.

Second, and more specifically, take the opportunity to talk to the writers you enjoy and encourage them to be involved in AuthorsAloud. The more writers who are featured here, the more readers who will come, and we'll all benefit.

I'm an author. How do I get my work featured on AuthorsAloud?

AuthorsAloud features readings of literary fiction and poetry by Canadian writers or writers resident in Canada, whose work is published through recognized publishing houses. Writers who meet those criteria can reach me, Trevor Cole, through the contact link at the bottom of the page. From there, we'll discuss whether your work is appropriate for AuthorsAloud and, if so, how to record your reading digitally and get it uploaded to the site.

Does participation in AuthorsAloud cost anything?

At the moment, the costs of running and publishing this site are being born by me, Trevor Cole. There is no charge to an author or a publisher for having a reading page posted on AuthorsAloud. However, if an author has no means of recording his or her reading and needs someone to come and record them, and assuming the trip is a reasonable driving distance, there would be a small fee to cover travel and time.

Who owns the recording I submit to AuthorsAloud

You, the author, own the recording, and you can use it anywhere else you like (on your own website, say); you're lending it to AuthorsAloud indefinitely so that your voice can be part of the library of readings.

What about video?

If you're an author with a video reading and you would like it to be viewed in a literary context like AuthorsAloud, rather than on YouTube, by all means submit your video and AuthorsAloud will feature it proudly.
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