Jocko Benoit

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Jocko Benoit reads from his poetry collection, Standoff Terrain

Published by: Frontenac House

Time of Reading: 5:20
Jocko (Jacques) Benoit has published poems in magazines in Canada, the U.S., England and Australia. He is the author of two books of poetry, An Anarchist Dream (Edmonton: Raccoon's Den Publishers, 1997), and Standoff Terrain which came out in April 2010. His fiction has appeared in On Spec and the anthology Tesseracts7. Two of his screenplays have been finalists in Canadian and U.S. competitions. For the last thirteen years he has worked for Athabasca University, designing and writing three of their Communications courses, and is currently putting together a course about videogames. He has also hosted and co-hosted several television series (including the regular series, Movies Worth Watching) about film and television for Access TV and Canadian Learning Television, both locally in Alberta and Canada-wide. His most recent venture is into photography and he has worked as a photographer for the Anti-Camouflage fashion line. He currently divides his time between Calgary and Washington, D.C.
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A guy looks for love in all the wrong places, but comes up with all the right lines. What happens when Sun Tzu’s The Art of War meets the Indian erotic-religious text The Kama Sutra? Well, you get philosophical verse that’s fun, frank, and funky.
Jury, Dektet 2010
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