Micheline Maylor

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Micheline Maylor reads from her poetry debut, Full Depth: The Raymond Knister Poems

Published by: Wolsak & Wynn

Time of Reading: 5:52
Calgary's Micheline Maylor is a doctoral student at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne studying English Language and Literature with a specialisation in Creative Writing. She has been the recipient of the Overseas Research Scholarship, the International Research Scholarship, and Alberta Foundation for the Art grants. She has poetry published in over 50 journals in five countries. A certified poetry fanatic, she teaches various poetry workshops at the Alexandra Writer’s Centre Society, serves as its President, and is the editor of FreeFall literary magazine. Full Depth: The Raymond Knister Poems is her first book.
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“Maylor is a great melter of time and distance, making moments live with an intensity that isn't dependent on their truth or falsehood, but on the different fidelity of the imagination, laying itself open to the entanglements of life and writing and finding a tragic richness.”
– W.N. Herbert
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