Mark D. Dunn

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Mark D. Dunn reads from his collection, Fancy Clapping

Published by: Scrivener Press

Time of Reading: 4:34
Mark D. Dunn lives in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. He’s published two books of poetry: Fancy Clapping (Scrivener Press) and Ghost Music (BuschekBooks). Also a songwriter, Dunn has released three CDs and a handful of cassettes. He performs regularly. Besides writing and music, Mark likes walking, watching birds, and trying to remember the names and functions of the various plants around him. He thinks he’s a cat but is more like a monkey.
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“In this collection there are 'bees on the breath,' and a poem runs a red light on a Michigan highway. A reader can do nothing but go with it, ride that energy and exhilaration from the first page to the last. I love the brightness and energy of this poet — and you will too.”

— Lorna Crozier
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