Desi Di Nardo

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Desi Di Nardo reads from her poetry collection, The Plural of Some Things

Published by: Guernica Editions

Time of Reading: 5:00
Desi Di Nardo is a poet and author in Toronto whose work has been published in numerous North American and international journals and anthologies including the Literary Review of Canada, Globe and Mail, and Descant. Her poetry has been performed at the National Arts Centre, featured in Poetry on the Way on the Toronto Transit Commission, and displayed in the Official Residences of Canada. Desi's poems have also been studied in schools across the country, translated into several languages, and printed on Starbucks cups. Desi has also worked as an English professor and currently is a Writer-in-Residence for a joint initiative between Descant and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.
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“How refreshing to find a writer so unabashedly poetic as Desi Di Nardo. In a world of politicized screeching and lament, one is reminded of Pablo Neruda's definition of art as that which "gives people hope”. By that definition Di Nardo stands head and shoulders above the mob of academic sirens and macho wailers. A poetry to be thankful for.”

-Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Toronto Poet Laureate
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