Ian Burgham

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Ian Burgham reads from his collection of poems, The Grammar of Distance

Published by: Tightrope Books

Time of Reading: 6:59
Ian Burgham has lived in both the UK and the South Pacific. He has been engaged in publishing as an editor, sales rep and publisher working in Scotland for Canongate Publishing and Macdonald Publishers, and in Canada, helped to found Grosvenor House Press. He has degrees in literature from both Queen’s University and the University of Edinburgh. Burgham’s The Grammar of Distance (Tightrope Books), was published in April of 2010. The publication follows two previous collections; A Confession of Birds, (MacLean Dubois, 2003) and The Stone Skippers, (Tightrope, 2007) which was nominated for a ReLit Award. His work has been published in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and has appeared in most Canadian literary journals over the past few years. Burgham is working on a fourth collection, A Weight of Bees, Tightrope Books, which will be launched in London, England, and in Toronto, in 2012. He is also working on two public art projects with internationally renowned artist and sculptor, Uno Hoffmann.
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“ … the work itself in every way continues this attention to detail, employing word and silence in equal measure. Here is a writer capable of great subtlety, fusing the turning point moment of short story, depth and length of novel, ‘in-breath’ of exalted verse. A small ‘I’ captures nature, philosophy, the quiet moment, the fleeting thought, then magnifies and shapes into word. Many poems possess the intimacy of listening in on someone talking to themselves. Use of form, poetic device, economy and choice of language, blurring of fancy and fiction – all are employed with intelligence and readerly insight.”
Five Bells Poetry Review, Australia
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