Matthew Tierney

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Mathew Tierney reads from his poetry collection, Full Speed Through the Morning Dark

Published by: Wolsak & Wynn

Time of Reading: 4:54
Matthew Tierney's work has been published in many literary journals in Canada including The Malahat Review, The Fiddlehead, Event, The Antigonish Review, Prism International, The New Quarterly and Qwerty, as well as in the Brobdingnagian Times and Southword, in Cork, Ireland. Several years ago, he spent some time in Japan teaching English, and returned home by way of the Trans-Mongolian Express, an offshoot of the Trans-Siberian Express, one of the last transcontinental train routes. This journey and others around Asia and Europe form the experiences in Full Speed Through the Morning Dark. A second manuscript, The Rocket Scientist, is an epistemological tour of hard and soft sciences: cosmology, quantum physics, neurology, psychology and economics, among others. In particular, it grapples with the idea of intelligence—what it means to be an intelligent species, an intelligent person. The manuscript was awarded the 2006 K.M. Hunter Award for Literature.
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This is a very, very persuasive debut.
—Don Coles
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