Richard Harrison

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Richard Harrison reads his poem, "September 11, 2001, 6pm"

Published by: Wolsak & Wynn

Time of Reading: 2:27
Richard Harrison is the author of six books of poetry, among them Hero of the Play (poems in the language of hockey) and, most recently, Worthy of His Fall, a book of poems on faith and violence. Both books are from Wolsak and Wynn. He was nominated for the Governor-General's Award in 2000 for Big Breath of A Wish, and he has also won the City of Calgary Book Prize and Harbourfront's Discovery Reading Prize.

This reading comes from a recent live performance/book launch for TransLit, the annual volume of poems from the Literary Translator's Society in Calgary.
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"Harrison reveals beauty in death and we understand there are some things that can only be captured in words, and in times of war it is in the sanctuary of these words — love, faith, heaven — that we find whatever solace we can."
Listen to the reading:
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French translation:

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