Tricia Dower

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Tricia Dower reads from her collection of stories, Silent Girl

Published by: Inanna

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Tricia Dower is a new writer in old skin. She has lived in sixteen different towns and cities in North America, eaten grilled sardines in Portugal, toad in the hole in England, shark fin soup in Beijing, conch chowder in the Caribbean, scones in Bermuda, and pineapple pancakes in Hawaii. With a degree in English literature, she has taught school and worked in marketing, advertising, human resources, and corporate communications. She has tap-danced, painted rocks, played piano, and pretended to play golf. She started writing fiction in 2002 after taking early retirement from corporate life. Three years later, she and her husband, Colin, sold their home and took off for parts unknown with only whatever the car would hold. They landed in Victoria, British Columbia, for a three-month stay and haven’t left yet. Her fiction has appeared in Room of One’s Own, The New Quarterly, Hemispheres, Cicada, NEO, Insolent Rudder and Big Muddy. Silent Girl is her first book.
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“Dower’s stories are strongly character driven, and every woman portrayed comes alive in her own way—the message is powerful, but not overstated. The girls and women Dower writes of are all modern day heroines, battling evils like spousal abuse, sexual slavery, and kidnapping. It’s fascinating, frightening, and enlightening—a collection that bears careful reading.”

—Becca Rowan, Bookstack
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