Raymond Beauchemin

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Raymond Beauchemin reads from his debut novel, Everything I Own

Published by: Guernica

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Raymond Beauchemin is a US-born writer and editor who now lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He worked as a journalist in New England before moving to Montreal in 1990, where he received his master's degree and worked as an editor at The Gazette until 2008. In the intervening years, he edited or co-edited three anthologies of Quebec literature in English: 32 Degrees, Future Tense and The Urban Wanderers Reader, which was based on a public reading series he ran with wife, the author Denise Roig, for several years in the early 1990s, and which helped repopularize English literature in Quebec before the creation of the Blue Metropolis literary festival. He and Denise owned Hochelaga Press in Montreal. Beauchemin wrote Salut! The Quebec Microbrewery Beer Cookbook in 2003. In 2008, he left Canada for the United Arab Emirates, where he worked as deputy editor of the foreign section of The National in Abu Dhabi. He returned to Canada in 2011. Everything I Own is his first novel.
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"Everything I Own is like a love letter – or, more accurately, a love song (the chapters are organized into Verse, Chorus and Bridge) – to a thorny, difficult, beautiful Quebec. It is as indebted to the English-Canadian rock novel Whale Music as it is to the oeuvre of Quebec’s Jacques Poulin."
Montreal Gazette
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