Leona Theis

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Leona Theis reads from her novel, The Art of Salvage

Published by: Coteau Books

Time of Reading: 5:14
Leona Theis’s collection of short stories, Sightlines, received the Saskatchewan Book Award for fiction and the Saskatoon Book Award in 2000. Her work has appeared on CBC Radio’s Between the Covers and in numerous periodicals and anthologies, including Coming Attractions, Grain and The Fiddlehead. Theis grew up in a small town in eastern Saskatchewan; she now lives in Saskatoon, where she writes and maintains a freelance editing business.
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"The Art of Salvage is a finely written and acutely observed novel about how, from the wreckage of broken lives, pieces can be gathered and glued back together into something not just make-do but permanent and noble. Indeed, the art of salvage is the art of living, is the art of hope, and what holds it together is that messiest of glues: love."
— Yann Martel
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