Julie Paul

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Julie Paul reads from her collection of stories, The Jealousy Bone

Published by: Emdash Book Publishing

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Julie Paul was born and raised in Lanark County, Ontario, and after living in Victoria, BC for many years, has now returned to her homeland. In addition to being a writer, she is a massage therapist, mother and teacher. Her stories, poems and essays have been accepted for publication in numerous journals, including The Antigonish Review, The Fiddlehead, The Dalhousie Review, Geist, existere, Boulevard, Canadian Living, and in the anthologies Coming Attractions 07 and Women Behaving Badly. Currently she is working on her first novel and a second short fiction collection.
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“With her sharp, sensitive prose, Paul clears her characters’ muddied psyches, helping us understand the often-peculiar rituals or talismans they adopt. In “False Spring,” Leah walks through Victoria’s streets “wearing only her pink velvet coat and a black-haired wig . . . there is nothing between her skin and their eyes but that coat.” This is not the end to Leah’s story, but the beginning. Through the telling of her multi-layered tale, Paul conveys the fragility of even the most solid relationships, and the loneliness found even in happiness.”
—Shelley Motz, Monday Magazine
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