David Elias

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David Elias reads from his novel, Sunday Afternoon

Published by: Coteau Books

Time of Reading: 4:40
David Elias lives in Winnipeg. His first two books were collections of short fiction, from which his short story, "How I Crossed Over," was a finalist for the 1996 Journey Prize. His novel Sunday Afternoon, published in 2004, was nominated for several awards, including The Books In Canada First Novel Award, The McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award, and The Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction. In addition to writing, Elias conducts creative writing workshops, mentors emerging writers, and evaluates manuscripts. He has a new novel forthcoming in 2008.
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"Elias is dealing with major themes here — the destruction of the species, the apprehension which we suffer in the presence of military might.... Sweet, humorous, profound and scary. A marvelous debut."
— W.P. Kinsella, Books in Canada
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